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¡Update! [Oct. 11th, 2004|10:56 pm]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |Forest-To the Fiercest Forest]

Nothing much here..as usual. Messing around with some music...

I guess I'll go over a few recent things.........

For one, I finally got Vinterland's cd!¡!¡! It's good. I've also made some more purchases cd-wise, so I should have 7 or 8 cd's coming. It's pretty good. I might get a new shirt next payday. That sounds pretty good. Probably a black metal shirt.I'm still waiting on my Carpathian Forest CD! It's been too long since I ordered it..hopefully I'll get it tomorrow.

I've been playing on my new classical guitar recently. It feels really good, except the high 'E'string goes out of tune on its own fairly quick..but whatever. I've just been playing guitar a little bit each day, as usual. I want to start practicing, but damnnit I have to go to work! It sucks. I also want to have time to study music theory and history as well..but I could only do that in the few hours before I go to work after school, or late at night, when I have to get up early the next day.

I'm still eating those hot dogs from the Albertson's gas station..and they are still good. Although, today I went up there and the buns were hard as a rock. So I had to get a refund. I'll probably try again tomorrow.

Last week I sat at lunch and talked with this girl that comes up to Johnnie's every once in a while. She's fairly talkative. We don't have a lot in common, but she's nice enough. We talk usually after school since we are usually parked next to each other..We don't have much to talk about, so it ends up being pretty awkward usually lol..but whatever. I think she's cute, but she's a junior, and only 16. So, I probably would only be friends with her. It's nice to have someone to talk to though I suppose. We don't talk all that much though.

It's been messed up at work, because I haven't had all my days off as usual. Which takes away from school and guitar/music/etc..so that has been dissapointing. I haven't been getting my Thursdays off.

I did get to talk to one of my old friends the other day though..Matt. He's been my friend since 2nd grade. It was pretty cool. Him, Logan, and I got on and played some tetris..it was fun.

Well, that's it.
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Strings and the universe.. [Oct. 4th, 2004|10:42 pm]
[mood |goodgood]
[music |Hess-The Cynic, the Sad, and the Fallen]

Today has been pretty good, although I started it off being late to school.. School just went the same as usual.

Earlier, I went out and walked around in the beautiful fall weather..listening to some October Rust from Type O Negative. I still say that is one of the best albums ever, as well as one of the best fall albums ever. Its such a good album, it works for any time of day, and any season really, but autumn the best.

I also got some hotdogs and a slushy from the albertsons gas station..for a dollar! What a deal..I'll probably do it again tomorrow.

I actually just got back from OCU were Logan and I saw "The Elegant Universe," a presentation by Brian Greene. It was mostly on interesting physics topics and theories, including Einstein's general theory of relativity, and how it disproved Newton's theories on gravity.(How light and gravity are not the same speed)(ex.-If the sun blew up, its loss of gravitational pull would effect the earth at the same time that the sun's final light would hit earth) He also talked about the ''string theory'' which theorizes that inside of atoms' electrons' corks, there is yet a smaller micro level containing strings, and that they expand. Which would help explain the expansion of the universe. He talked about so many things, but on a lower level, so that all the non-physicists could understand lol..which is me. Very interesting. Logan and I stayed after while he was signing books to ask him a question or two..(Well Logan was going to ask some questions.)It was weird too, because he was discussing different things wit some guy, and just before he was going to ask the question to Brian Greene; this guy comes out of nowhere and asks Logan where he gets his information, and Logan was just like.."Deductive logic" lol. The weirdest part though, is that the guy gave Logan his number and asked if hed discuss(teach him what he knew about)physics. Anyways, we finally got up to ask the guy the question, we were the very last people of the night(on purpose)and the guy totally blew us off. He was like "I dont know" and "I dont really care about that, or believe in it." Yet he never provided information as to why. His attitude was dissapointing :/. Even though, we knew he gets asked a million questions by the same kind of people all the time, at his presentations, his attitude was still dissapointing. That was cool overall though, a fun evening.
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Apple juice and apple cranberry juice mixed together [Sep. 26th, 2004|02:19 pm]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |Noctes-Butterfly]

Yesterday, I went into work an hour early for someone. It was really slow for that hour. Other than that, it was a regular day.

Before I went to work, I had some bids on ebay that I had going..and they all ended during work, so I couldnt bid on them if I started losing. So, I lost all of them except one. The only one I got was a Carpathian Forest CD, which I wanted because it has some cool jazz saxaphone in it lol. I also lost another bid today which really pissed me off. I lost Nokturnal Mortum's Twilightfall, because someone bid within the very last minute. Well, after I lost I looked for another, and I actually found one. It was ending soon though, so I bid on it. I was th eonly one to bid on it...and I won;However, I didnt look close enough at it when I won, to see that it didnt accept paypal. So now I have to send a money order, and Ive never done that, so Im not sure what to do really. Im going to try using BidPay.com, which was one thing the guy accepted.

I went down to the Dollar store earlier, and I got some juice. While I was there, some crazy lady was yelling and screaming about how the store was trying to deceive people, and that she was going to boycott them. She said they had a sale out front, but it wasnt really a sale, and they were just trying to deceive people..or something lol. It was dumb.

I also watched a little bit of Creepshow, which was a movie from the 80's I think, that had like 4 or 5 mini movies in it. It was based on a horror comic book from a long time ago. I like that show, its cool. The Tales From the Crypt movie was on after it. I watched some of it too. The series for it was cool. Some of the shows were good..some sucked though. The cryptkeeper was funny though lol.

Right now, Im finishing lunch. Which is leftover hamburgers, mashed potatoes, and corn..and apple and apple cranberry juice mixed together.
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Getting ready to go to work.. [Sep. 24th, 2004|04:08 pm]
[mood |indifferentindifferent]
[music |Woods of Ypres- The Sun was in my Eyes Pt. 1]

Today was another usual day. We had school pictures today, and I had to put on one of those robes for my senor picture. I dont know how my picture turned out, but its no matter. I was bidding on a CD from Nagelfar today, and I lost while I was at school. I guess I'll just have to try for that CD another time. In my last hour, we resumed watching "7 Samurai," and its still pretty good. Its black and white, with subtitles...which doesnt matter really.

I havent done very much since I got home, and now Im just about to go to work. I wish I could do some sorta work that doesnt require talking to people...I get tired of it, especially if Im not in a good mood. I still act in a decent manner for the customers of course, but on the inside I just want to go home and lay down.
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Opionionated assholes [Sep. 20th, 2004|07:57 pm]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |none]

Well, I just got back from throwing the baseball in the front yard with my dad about half an hour ago...and unfortunately our baseball throwing was interrupted by this old fruity ass geezer who walks through our neighborhood with his dog. He saw the Bush-Cheney sign in our yard, (which my dad put there...I dont really care, Im not political, and would never get a sign or anything)and he walked up to my dad, in our yard talking shit. I was watching him and my dad talk from about 45 feet away, where i was throwing the ball from, and after a few minutes of waiting, I finally decided to go over and see what the hold up was. Well, I get over there and this old guy starts throwing stuff at me like, "So you enjoy having men die over in Iraq?" and I was just like, "That's war. People die." Then he said how Bush was so dumb for not knowing about the attack, and Iwas like, "So, who knew about it then?" and then I asked him who was president before Bush....Clinton..and as a fact, Clinton let Bin Ladin go when he couldve kept him in the US's possesion. Clinton had stated in interviews on how they let him go. Of course, the guy didnt have any reply to it.(probably since it was factual)So, he then resumed throwing opinions and propaganda in our faces. Then after he began walking away, he was saying stuff like :In the words of Dick Cheney. Fuck you," and "Assholes!" The entire time he was throwing his opinionated mess at us, we were open to listening to what he had to say, before we responded with a rebuttle..He wouldnt agree or acknowledge anything we said..his way was the only way. After he was walking away, and I started to throw the baseball to my dad, he got up in my face, trying to throw this political jargin at me, I just tried to sorta avoid him by saying "Im not very political." Then he just said "Well, thats obvious."..and as he resumed walking away I made it a point to tell him how he shouldnt base his conversations on his sole opinion, but rather fact. Of course, in my attempt, the wind blew, and he didnt hear me. Finally, as his back was turned walking away, my dad looked at me and stuck his middle finger up at the guy, and I made the universal jack off sign at him. I really hate those kind of people. Not to generalize people, but thats why i dont like democrats usually, because for the most part, they are people just like that. I dont neccesarily agree with all the Republicans have to say. I just value people who will listen to your opinion before deciding you are wrong.
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Driving... [Sep. 20th, 2004|05:58 pm]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |none]

Something interesting happened to me Saturday evening...

Well, I was working at a different store location in Edmond, and I didnt know how to get there, so someone showed me the way. So everything was fine, until I got off work, and after a few wrong turns realized I didnt know how to get home. Well, I just figured Id stop at a gas station, and get gas and directions. So I went in to get directions, and the clerk was this eastern Indian person who still had a heavy accent and was wearing native-type clothes. I didnt get directions from them needless to say. So, I went out..and I mustve taken one too many wrong streets, and I eventually found myself driving on this long pitch black street, where all i could see was the road in front of me that my light lit up, and the sillouhettes of the trees. So I kept going..up and down hills, and then-all of a sudden, I hit a gravel road, going like 60. Well, my car went out of control a little, and I had to grab the wheel and jerk it around until I was straight. I also had to slow down to like 30 or 25. Then after a while, I was driving between big stocks of corn? or grass, I dont know. I was in this big field with a road through it, and every once in a while, Id see a random building structure. Then, once I finally made it to a crossing, there were no street signs! So basically, I was just going in arbitrary directions, being completely lost. After a while I made it into some small neighborhood, which lasted for a while..and by small neighborhood, I mean big out in the country houses, spaced about 1 per every half mile. So, I just kept going for a long while, and I notice a sign passing by that said "Oklahoma City Limits"..! By now I had completely acknowledged being lost, and I was just looking for somehwere to ask directions. So I drove..and drove..and eventually I ended up in...get this...Watonga...where I finally stumbled into a Loves to ask directions...and by then, I was exhausted mentally, so all I could say was "How do I get to OKC from here?" and well, they showed me..luckily all they did was point me out to the highway and tell me to go east. So i started that direction, and a couple times the road had detours and stuff, so i had to navigate around a little more, until i finally got on I-40, and by then I was feeling pretty good, becasuse I actually had a chance at knowing where i was going. So I started on the highway, and I passed a sign that said "OKC 41" by it..(miles)..and well, I drove some more. The entire drive I was playing the same cd, Forest-"s/t"..and it was pretty atmospheric with the scenario, which was cool, in spite of my hopelessness of being lost for the most part. That really brought out the atmosphere though. Anyways, as I was driving signs began to pop up with familiar street names on them, until finally PENN AVE came up..and I quickly took the exit. Then i took another semi arbitrary direction on Penn, until I saw May! and the area by best buy! It was the happiest part of the drive, because I finally new I was almost home. Then I arrived home at 1:30 in the morning, and my dad had the window shades open, and he quickly walked out to see it was me, and then went back inside. He had called all these different cop patrols to look for me..and he was pissed! He completely overreacted, although i know it was because he was really worried. He tried to ground me from my car for "not knowing the roads," which contradicts itself. He was all cussing at me and stuff to. So then I went to bed..and he has since admitted to overreacting.

On Sunday, everything was back to normal. I went to work, and came home and got on the internet and talked with Megan. I ended up staying awake until 3 AM..I actually woke up and felt alright though. Not too groggy for 3 1/2 hours of sleep.

Right now, Im just eating some snacks and watching a little bit of Seinfeld..
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(no subject) [Sep. 14th, 2004|10:19 pm]
[mood |mellowmellow]
[music |Pete Townshend-Chinese Eyes]

I haven't posted in a while..I got a new keyboard because i spilled juice on my other one, which messed it up.

Today went alright, in my music history class, I forgot my book..but since I'm the only person in the class, I just told my teacher I was going to go home and get it. So I did. I listened to some Bal-Sagoth on the way home, and then some Type O Negative on the way back.

After that class I went to my next hour, which is on the stage. We had a sub, so we did nothing. There was a piano on the stage, in front of everyone. A couple kids got up and played on it. I had to decide whether or not I wanted to get up in front of everyone like that, or just sit there. I don't actually play the piano, but I have fun messing around with it, and I finally convinced myself to do it. When people were going up there, the sub would announce for everyone to be quiet, because someone was going to play..well I told him not to say that. I played some, and no one noticed, so that went like I wanted I guess. I didn't really care too much though. I suppose for me, something like that is almost a big deal, because I got up in front of a class and did something without thinking about it too much. I've become better at that than I used to be I think.

My last hour for the day was Literature, and we went over Hinduism and Buddhism. I thought it was pretty cool. Buddah was much cooler than Jesus. The reason why is because, Jesus believed in a God, while Buddah was more realistic, and he knew that we couldnt understand what made the universe and existence. He thought basically that life
is suffering. (As stated in the 4 Noble Truths) That all happiness would eventually turn to sadness, love would come and go, fun would turn to boredom, etc. I can appreciate this for its truth. I feel bad for Buddah, because now there are so many Buddhist religions that worship him as a god, while what he taught basically said not to worship a god, but to live your own life. I'm sure he'd be sad to see what's become of his original teachings.

While my teacher was lecturing in my last hour, he was talking about how, if there is a God, where did he come from? How did he pop into existence? Where was he before he was in existence? etc. I thought it was very interesting. He was talking about how we can't really comprehend that concept, being human and all. While he was talking this girl kept trying to pass me notes, that was annoying.

Later I went home. I didn't do much.I talked to Megan shortly. About an hour ago, I went for a walk. It was alright. Right now my dad has Pete Townshend's solo stuff rolling on his record player. It's actually pretty good. Nothing I'd listen to a lot, but it's good I'll admit.

That's all.
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(no subject) [Sep. 8th, 2004|02:52 pm]
[mood |okayokay]
[music |none]

Well, today was not a very interesting day as usual, until I was leaving Braums after school.

I pulled up to a stop sign, and in order to get where I wanted to go, I had to pull across two lanes, into another two lanes going the other direction..which is what I do everyday. So I made sure the coast was clear and began to go across, when I pressed the gas and my car sputtered out into the middle of the street, and stopped.(My car can be a POS sometimes, it has a problem where it doesn't use gas when I press on the pedal[which is fine if I am already going 40mph or something])So I sat there for a moment, and then I saw another car hurdling torwards me at about 40 or so, and I frantically press the gas, until finally my car responded and moved.I just barely escaped getting hit in the drivers side front door, and almost surely being killed. Damn car..I wouldve easily avoided all of that, had it not been for that thing it does. I think its a choke problem. I dont know..Anyways, I didnt freak out or anything, and for some reason Im in a better mood now. I have been feeling sorta down lately. I dont know why.
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Settling down... [Sep. 6th, 2004|09:51 pm]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]
[music |Diaboli-Longing to Die]

I've been driving back and forth to the store to get things. At first it was granola bars, then it was some meat for dinner..I went by Alberston's first just to see how their prices were on a few things..and whew, they really suck. They have some of the worst prices compared to all the other grociery stores. Wal-Mart is usually where I go, their prices are so-so. I'm tired of driving for today though..

I went over to Logan's house yesterday, and nothing much happened. We watched "Napolean Dynamite" on his computer. It was sorta funny, intersting none the less. It is a very different kind of movie. We also watched some episodes of Pete and Pete. That show was and still is great. Logan's downloading every epiisode, and has done that with a few other shows as well. As well as countless animes, most of which he hs burned onto his computer from someone else. We played a couple games as well. That's about all we did. I think I might've enjoyed staying home more actually.

After I got back from his house today, I basically did very little. I played guitar for a little while. I also went down to the park and threw the baseball around for about an hour overall. I went down there twice. Also watched Seinfeld as well..

Hoping to get some good tetrinet in tonight.
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Day [Sep. 2nd, 2004|04:25 pm]
[mood |melancholymelancholy]
[music |Dark Fortress- Dreaming...]

Today was yet another boring day...however, ill try to make it sound somewhat exciting. Basically all I did today was take notes on things. It was just as usual. The only thing is, that when I was at lunch, I got a 50 cent granola bar and the lady gave me an attitude, and complained about how all I wanted was change for the vending machines..and was moving all slow and complaining at me. She was going out of her way to take it out on me too..I have the worst luck with food people I guess. Tomorrow I'm going to do it again though, just because thats what she gets. My dad suggested I take 50 pennies up there and pay that way lol, thatd be funny..but I probably wont. That was basically it for school.

I went to Braums and got a burger and a cherry limeade, and they were both pretty good. Im starting to go there pretty often. Its right by my school.

Oh..and i got a Diaboli cd in the mail yesterday, its not bad.
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